David Viggiano

I'm a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Computer Sciences and Philosophy.

Feel free to reach out via email at dviggiano@wisc.edu. You can download my résumé here.


Sources and more available on my GitHub profile.

Maze Factory Download on the iOS App Store

Maze Factory

Launched in July 2023 TypeScript • React Native • Firebase • Google Cloud Platform

Mobile platform published on the iOS App Store for building, sharing, and solving mazes. Makes use of an original random maze generator algorithm. Give it a download!


Work in Progress Python • Flask • Scikit-Learn

REST API for interfacing with a prototype for a music recommendation system that compares songs purely by their musical features. Lots of work to do here — I've got some routes up and running, and MP3 files with a single instrument are converted into a usable data format by applying a fast Fourier transform, but I'd like to perform more musical analysis and complete user preference projections so k-nearest neighbors can be leveraged to recommend songs.

Web Safari

Web Safari

Launched in December 2021 HTML • Bulma • JavaScript • Firebase

My first published software project: a single-page web app allowing users to find zoos across the midwest that feature all of the animals they'd like to see on their visit, explore animal profiles, and leave zoo reviews. It continues to serve as an example project for the term assignment of the introductory web development course at the Wisconsin School of Business.


Further details and more available on my LinkedIn profile.

Dell Technologies

Software Engineer Intern

May–August 2023 TypeScript • Angular • C# • ASP.NET • GitLab • Postman • Figma

I built a micro front-end (MFE) application in Angular and injected it into a globally utilized web platform. Some of the functionality required developing and testing new routes within a REST API built with ASP.NET. I also participated in a hackathon in which I co-designed and prototyped a solution to evaluate the effectiveness of employee training programs, and my team of six reached the finals!

Solutions Architect Intern

June–August 2022

Dell's presales organization supports the sales team by serving as customer-focused experts on the entire infrastructure solution portfolio. My team of four interns designed and defended a solution for an enterprise-level IT transformation after we underwent a thorough education of the fundamentals of data centers, cloud computing, networking, and information security (view my Information Storage and Management Certified Associate certification here). I also supported client executives by researching potential customers to ensure alignment with their values and social impact initiatives.

UW Center for Sleep and Consciousness

Software Developer and Research Intern

September 2022–Present Python

During the academic year, I help out in Dr. Giulio Tononi's lab with the development of PyPhi, a Python package for handling computations relevant to Integrated Information Theory, a framework for understanding consciousness, particularly in preparation for the release of the theory's "4.0" iteration. I've written and debugged unit and end-to-end tests, co-engineered a wrapper class for a NumPy array to encapsulate operations relevant to the key input parameter for the framework's computations (labeled the Transitional Probability Matrix), and refreshed the visualization module with respect to updates to commonly used data structures.